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Luxury Electric Fragrance Lamp, Oil Lamp 9” x 5”

34% Plastic, 33% Metal, 33% Glass.
Dimension: 9” x 5”


This luxury fragrance lamp is designed to make your room clean and with faint fresh scent. And unlike the oil warm lamp with candle base, it uses electricity warm. The only thing you need to do is to adjust the light strong or weak with dimmer, to warm the essential oil. And the dosage of the oil depends on how much scent you like in the area. The luxury fragrance lamp can also serve as a nightlight, setting a relaxing mood w/ soft light and sweet scents. The product requires no complex operation steps. You just need to drop the fragrance oil into the small dish on the top of the lamp, and then adjust the dimmer. Attentions: 1. Do not add oil to the glass plate before the lamp cools down. 2. Do not touch the lamp before it cools down. 3. Do not use it over 8 hours. 4. Keep it away from flammable material: put it on a level and secure surface. 5. This product has small accessories; keep it away from little child.


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